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Keywords in SEO

Keywords in SEO

Keyword is very important in SEO point of view. Keywords can identify your website according to the search result. Your keyword tells about the entire meaning of the content in your page. You should select the correct keywords according to the topic. Keywords should not copy from others website. your keyword should be unique and also related to content. Keyword is one main factor in the ranking factor.

Keyword planner

Keyword planner is one of the first factor for creating your website. Related to the topic of the website you want to create keyword so that you want to go to keyword planner. In the tools you want to select for search volume data and enter the specific keyword for your topic. Then the google planner can find keyword and phrases in the point of biding. You can select medium traffic for the keyword in SEO point of view so that you make your website to the top of the page rank. If you select your keyword with high traffic then it should be tough to make your website to get rank. Keyword planner is the fore most step in keyword point of view.

Keyword Planner
Keyword planner

Keywords in Url

If your keyword is in url then it can be easily identify by the search engine. You can include keyword or phrase in your url then it will be helpful for the search engine to locate your website for the keyword typed by the user. The selection of your keyword or phrases for the website should be the main theme of your topic because the keyword tells about your entire webpage. Keyword is not so important to be present in domain name but it should very important to have keyword in url. Keyword in url is taken into account for ranking.

Keywords in Url
Keywords in Url

Keywords in title tag

Keywords in the title is one of the main reason for the webpage to get rank in the search engine. Title tag is the theme of the webpage. Your keywords in the title tag that can be viewed by the visitor and shows about the important role of your topic. keywords in the title tag is one of the main ranking factor of the SEO. Title tag tells about the content of the page. Title tag should be less than 60 characters. If keyword starts at the first word of the title tag should rank better than the keyword starts at the end.

title tag
Title tag

Keyword density

Keyword density is another important factor for ranking. keyword density should be 10 % in the first hundred words and then the overall keyword density should be 7 to 10%. If you have perfect keyword density then google can easily understand your website related to the topic search.

Example shown below here Students and SEO are the keywords

Keyword density
Keyword density

Keywords in Description tag

Keywords in description tag is also taken into account for the ranking factor. If your description tag has rich in keywords then it makes google easy to observe. Meta description should have 100 to 160 characters for the perfect description tag. Meta description tells about the important point of your webpage. You should give a relevant information about your page in the meta description tag.

Example for meta description shown below : Here yellow arrow denotes the meta description

Meta description tag
Meta description

LSI keywords in content

LSI keyword
LSI keyword

Latent Semantic indexing keywords or LSI keywords is related to the meaning of the main keyword. LSI is also a substitute of main keyword. You can also include LSI keywords in the area that you feel of keyword stuffing. LSI keyword consider as a factor in SEO.

Example of LSI keywords: Here red arrow Denotes LSI keyword

Latent Semantic keywords
LSI keywords

Keywords in H1 tag

H1 tag is the first heading of your webpage. If keyword appears in H1 tag then it will tell additional information about your webpage to the google. H1 should be only one in every webpage. Keywords in the H1 tag is consider as the one of the factor in SEO

Example for H1 tag has shown below:

H 1 tag
H1 tag

Keyword proximity 

Keyword proximity is a set of keywords to search the related terms. The proximity refers to distance of the keywords. Example "House full" is the keywords then the search is "full of the house". Keyword proximity is depends on distance between the keywords if the distance of keywords is small then high relevant will occur on the search engine.

keyword proximity
Keyword proximity

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